Teaching that programming is a form of expression

Learning to program, even just a little, will help you find a job and understand the modern world. But another important reason exists: it’s an incredible new way to express yourself.

To spread this idea, I have had my hand in a number of projects that teach both children and adults.


I pushed for the development of a CoderDojo in Utrecht, but more importantly, I try to help children there explore the expressive side of programming through teaching and by creating educational materials.

The worksheets for this 30-minute course can be used by children and adults alike. They can be downloaded here:


Apps in artframes

When you’ve created a beautiful digital artwork, why not frame it and hang it on your wall? In the “Apps om in te lijsten” course for adults that I helped develop for the Utrecht Center for the Arts, participants would be rewarded with a tablet in a wooden frame, which they could hang on their wall.



CoderDojo Utrecht is supported by the Utrecht library, SETUP, and Ziggo, as well as numerous volunteers.

Apps om in te lijsten was developed and produced by the amazing Heinze Havinga. Photos by Dong Wei Su.