About Tijmen Schep

I am an artist, technology critic and privacy designer who helps citizens, designers and policymakers understand opportunities and challenges in our data-driven society.

I do this mainly through PineappleJazz, a consultancy where I help organizations think strategically about technology and the future.

A specific issue I talk about a lot is Social Cooling. It describes the large scale chilling effects that arise as our information society showly changes into a “reputation society”.

I work as an artist in the Sherpa consorium, a Horizon 2020 research program for the European Union that looks into issues surrounding artificial intelligence. An interactive documentary about face recognition technology called How Normal Am I? received over 100.000 views in the first two weeks after its launch.

I wrote the book “Design my Privacy“, a beginners guide to ethical design for the Internet of Things, which is used in design schools in the Netherlands and Germany. It is available in both English and Dutch though BIS publishers.

I am the lead designer on Candle, the privacy friendly smart home. In 2020 this project won a Dutch Privacy Award.

I co-founded SETUP, a Dutch non-profit that creates provocative design fictions to explain data-issues to a wider audience. During the seven years I spent as its creative lead I helped develop projects such as Everyone a Spy, The National Birthday Calendar, and Devious Devices.

I am a member of the Amsterdam Art Council, and sporadically teach at SIOO.

I regularly share my views through articles, presentations at events like TEDx and SXSW, or through workshops for consultants, designers and policymakers.


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Photo by Giorgos Gripeos, under a Creative Commons BY licence.
Known by some French people as Tijman Shep..