The New Explorers Guide to Dutch Digital Culture

While working at Virtual Platform I researched and curated a guide to all the medialabs, media festivals and creative gaming companies in the Netherlands. It showcased the wide gamut of digital creativity in the Netherlands in 2012, ranging from non-profits that focus on digital art all the way to young startups in the indie game scene who are taking the world by storm.


The book included a data visualisation that showed how these organisations were spread accross the Netherlands, and used a tagging system to give quick overviews of similar organisations.

The guide can be read online or downloaded as a PDF.



The guide built on earlier research by the Dutch Game Garden and Virtual Platform itself, and combined it with new details from the various lab. With their help this booklet was filled to the brim with gorgeous photographs. Virtual Platform’s head of communication Michel Langendijk‘s expertise with bookmaking was essential throughout the proces.