The Cloaking company

Your social media posts are continuously being analyzed by specialized companies, such as Cambridge Analytica. For example, if you use a lot of long, complex words in your tweets, an algorithm may deduce that you are intelligent and educated. On the other hand, your choice of words could indicate a mental health issue. Perhaps you post a lot late at night, indicating sleep issues, and potential health issues when you get older.

As these data profiles increasingly influence your chances to find a job, cheap insurance, and many other facets of your life, it may be useful to think about what you post a bit more.

This is where Cloaking Company can help. It’s a service that generates social media posts full of words that will make the algorithms believe that you are a stable, happy, and a hard working individual.

The website also allows you to test your own tweets. Three different ‘sentiment analysis’ algorithms will judge your potential post, and can alert you if it’s too negative.

There are also specialized services available that help you break the glass ceiling (make your tweets a bit more manly), or help you get a travel visum faster by posting things that the country you’d like to visit may appreciate.

Visit the website to learn more about the fictitious services that are rapidly becoming not-so-crazy.

The project was featured on Fast Company.

Fun fact: the original name for the (fake) company was “Cambridge Antidata”. But that was considered a bit too “on the nose”.