Open Cultuur Data 2016

While working at Knowledgeland I was part of the Open Cultuur Data team. Knowledgeland has for years organized a yearly course on open data in order to stimulate the sharing and use of open data by museums and archives.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 17.20.33In this series of workshops we explored various aspects of working with open data, such as copyright, technology and policy. I updated the chapter on technology in the accompanying reader, and organised the session on technology.

I also proposed a new twist to the course: in order to stimulate the release of new data, and to make tangible what you can do with it, digital artist Sabrina Verhage would create a new work based on the data the participants released. This new work was shown at SETUP’s Bring Your Own Beamer event in Utrecht.

More details on the course, including the latest version of the Open Data Reader, can be found on the Knowledgeland website.