DIY Drone Defense

As drones became popular consumer items, reports of them invading privacy also skyrocketed. In this lighthearted workshop Ruben Pater and I challenged participants to create Do-It-Yourself anti-drone weapons. The one day workshop was part of the 2015 Hackers and Designers summerschool. This playful event challenges technologists and designers to learn more about each others skills and mindset.

Four DIY anti-drone “weapons” were created:

Net Launcher

Wifi Blocking Umbrella

Bottle Rocket Launcher

Arrow Launcher



The workshop was developed with designer Ruben Pater, and was part of the Hackers and Designers Summerschool. This event was supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL. Most weapons obviously have limited range. The main goal of the workshop was to learn, discuss and explore technological issues while having fun in the sun. Thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm.