3D drawing

The 3D print pen allows you to lift of from the paper, and draw into the air. This is possible because, just like a 3D printer, it uses molten plastic as its ‘ink’. It allows you to create free-from, organic shapes and things. It brings intuition to 3D printing.

i introduced the pen at the Nieuwe Instituut and, through SETUP at the Utrecht Library.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

As part of an exhibit about plastic I introduced the 3D print pen. While often used by children, it’s wonderful to see what artists do when they are asked to experiment with it, as we did here in Cologne:


The Library of Utrecht

The educational aspects were explored at the Library. We developed a number of placemats that helped children to ‘draw’ more complex shapes, like a scale model Utrecht’s Dom tower.

I also organised informal workshops where I asked various professionals to reflect on how the pen could be used to teach their trade.

The pride of the city

The 3D Dom-tower workshops inspired another project with the Central Museum. During an exhibit about the Dom tower, we helped visitors collaboratively build a much larger scale model of the Dom tower. Here you see the final result on exhibit at the town hall:


The experiments at Het Nieuwe Instituut were supported by Aart Helder and Flora van Gaalen. My colleagues at SETUP, the workshop participants, Dinie Besems, and the openminded education employees at the library, made possible the other later experiments.