Privacy Label

In 2018 and 2019 I am working on a Privacy Label. It’s doesn’t replace privacy policies, but offers an easy to understand, standardized overview of how organizations use your data.

Work in progress

The Project is currently in the testing phase. Together with a number of pioneering organizations we are testing the usefulness of our design, and improving it where necessary.

The first version we ever created. It’s quite different now.

We want this label to be widely adopted. Therefore it’s free to create and use – an open standard. In comes with a set of tools that generate the label, and in the future we hope that it can be exported by the growing number of data inventory tools. These are tools used by organizations to keep an eye on all the different types of data they gather.

It’s not a quality stamp, it’s more like an ingredient list for digital projects.

The project is kindly supported by ECP, Surf and the SIDN foundation.