About Tijmen Schep

I am a technology critic and privacy designer who helps citizens, designers and policymakers understand new chances and challenges in our data-driven society.

I do this mainly through PineappleJazz, a consultancy where I help organizations think strategically about technology and the future. A specific issue I talk about a lot is Social Cooling. It describes the large scale chilling effects that arise as the internet develops a new layer on top of it: the reputation economy.

I wrote the book “Design my Privacy“, a beginners guide to ethical design for the Internet of Things, and regularly share my views through articles, through presentations at events like TEDx and SXSW, or through presentations and workshops for consultants, designers and policymakers.

I co-founded SETUP, a Dutch non-profit that creates provocative design fictions to explain data-issues to a wider audience. Well known projects I worked on are Everyone a Spy, The National Birthdaycalendar, and Devious Devices.

I advise on digital arts and culture, and am a member of the Amsterdam Art Council as well as a board member at the MU artspace in Eindhoven.

I am a columnist for Marketing and Communication magazine.

I am developing a privacy friendly ‘smart home of the future’.


You can reach my at:


Or visit the company I work at, Pineapplejazz.

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Photo by Giorgos Gripeos, under a Creative Commons BY licence.
Known by some French people as Tijman Shep..